Where can you hold a funeral?



Anywhere is the short answer.

Mostly we tend to hold funerals as a two stage process.

1) First, there’s the part where we say goodbye: usually at ‘the place of rest’… the burial ground or crematorium. Burial grounds are sometimes attached to churches so the ceremony may be in the church, the churchyard or if the burial ground is nothing to do with the church, at the graveside. Some lovely new natural burial grounds – like Clandon Wood – have a special pavilion for ceremonies in the grounds.

2) Next, we usually opt for a ‘funeral tea‘, wake, gathering where we can chat, remember the person who’s died, celebrate their life.

You can do all or any of the bits at home – even burying the person in the back garden. See more in rules.

Understand more about traditions and traditional funerals.

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