What a funeral plan covers


There are a number of funeral plans on the market to help put aside money now to pay for a funeral later.

When you take out a plan, the company you select puts money in trust and assigns your plan to a local funeral director who will deliver the service at the time of death.

Plans are easy to set up and you can pay in a lump sum or monthly. They tend to come in 3 tier prices – the difference is usually the quality of the coffin, whether or not family can visit the person who’s died, the distance and timing to transport the body to the funeral parlour and on the day, the number of cars provided.

All funeral plans usually cover:

  • Funeral director’s fees for coordinating arrangements – booking the crematorium or burial, collecting and caring for the body, preparing and moving the coffin, organising gravediggers
  • Coffin
  • Transport
  • Robe to dress the person, if you haven’t selected a favourite outfit

Costs not covered include the Humanist, celebrant or minister who leads the ceremony or service, any funeral tea, flowers.

Plans may include a contribution for disbursements: some money set aside to pay towards the cost of other professionals’ fees that the funeral director covers on your behalf. Expect the balance to be billed. These include minister, Humanist or celebrant, doctors fees for certificates. See funeral costs for more info.

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