Traumatic Death

While there’s no hierarchy to grief and no competition in loss, evidence shows that traumatic death may have a profund and lasting impact on those left behind.

As the loss of a child or a stillborn death may be harder to accept that the loss of a parent after a long fulfilling life, so sudden death or the trauma of an accident or murder has its own particular flavour and can leave lifelong scars.

Get help

See our information on bereavement and counselling.

pdfHelp is at Hand provides useful information for people bereaved by a traumatic death, produced by Oxford University.

Violent deaths

A number of organisations offer practical and emotional support to families in the wake of a trauma caused by violence and some offer support from people who have had a similar experience.

Escaping Victimhood

Healthtalk Online offer information, resources, a forum and share real stories… the loss of a parent, partner, sibling, child, friend.


MAMAA (Mothers Against Murder and Aggression)

Mothers Against Violence

NVA (National Victims’ Association)

PETAL (People Experiencing Trauma and Loss)

SAMM (Support after Murder and Manslaughter)

Just for info

A hospital in France that deals with trauma has created a beautiful morgue to create a space for families. They deal with a high volume of traffic accidents and observed the impact a sudden death has on the ability of a family to cope. They commissioned designer Ettore Spalletti and musician, David Lang to create a beautiful space to enable families to sit with the body and begin the long process of adjustment. See more about Raymond Poincare Hospital here.

See more about the music here.

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