Child bereavement training

Child bereavement training is increasingly being recognised as essential part of the skillset for anyone working with children and young people.

The sad fact is, 92% of children and young people experience a significant bereavement before the age of 16 and one in 29 will be lose a sibling or parent. That’s one in every class. Yet a recent survey shows 80% of school staff have had no bereavement training.

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Ask Amber

Amber Lynch is Final Fling’s champion for children and young people. She has experience of coping with loss in her life. I was 17 when my father died and it was the end of my world. He wasn’t unhealthy, he wasn’t unwell; he simply went to bed one night and didn’t wake up. He was 55. […]

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Young people + loss

You might feel inclined to protect a child or young person from death but honesty is best so if there’s a chance to prepare them, do. If there’s an impending death in the household or family, a child will quickly pick up something’s going on and silence or denial is not helpful – it’s just […]

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