Spirituality and belief

Final Fling’s Founder, Barbara Chalmers, is exploring Spirituality and Belief as part of a Masters in Design Innovation at the esteemed Glasgow School of Art:

I imagine that spirituality and belief comes into sharp focus for many of us when we are facing mortality… in our daily reflections, at times of heightened awareness, when we’re coping with death, dying and loss. Spirituality might feel like a need or gap. It might feel like a support or crutch. Belief might help make sense at a confusing or troubling time.

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Spirituality is, in essence, what gives our lives meaning. There’s often a bit of confusion about the term – it gets confused with ‘spiritualism’ and is often used interchangeably with ‘religion’.

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Spiritual support

Dying can be a very scary prospect. The end. The unknown. Losing connection with those we love and life as we know it. Towards the end, people can feel waves of anxiety and euphoria in turn, whether in principle they are resigned to death, accepting of it or maybe even welcome it.

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