A useful way to spend a bank holiday

My younger self (pictured) never had to think about a useful way to spend a bank holiday. Everyday that wasn’t a school day felt like a bank holiday. There was acres of time to stare in the mirror and wonder if the monobrow would ever think out and the frizzy hair would ever calm down. These days, I never seem to have a spare minute, so when a whole spare day comes along, I want to get as much out of it as possible. So, ironically, I’ve spent the morning sorting out my bank accounts.

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Wealth Management

Whether you own a big car, a fleet of cars or a bus pass, wealth management might still be worth thinking about.

This week, we talk to Matthew de Courcy Ireland, independent financial adviser and pre-retirement specialist, to find out more.

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Paying for a funeral

Thinking ahead about paying for your funeral or supporting another to plan theirs isn’t morbid. It’s practical. And paying up front is even better. It saves others worrying about money or squabbling over arrangements.

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