Grasping the nettle… the future of palliative care in Scotland

How does the future of palliative care in Scotland look? Well, talking to friends involved in death and dying down South, pretty good actually.

That’s in no small part to the work of an active and engaged group of people who meet as the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care and who run the website Good Life Good Death Good Grief and its events, like To Absent Friends festival.

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Palliative Care 2020

I’ve signed the European Declaration on Palliative Care 2020. It’s not the sort of groovy campaign slogan I’d have printed on a t-shirt; not a badge of honour to wear. It’s policy recommendation territory. Sorry – did I wake you there? But I’d urge you to read it and sign if you feel you want to. If I […]

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Who am I in the face of death and dying?

An experiential one-day workshop for counsellors and professionals in palliative care working at the deep end of death and dying, exploring what happens to us when we work with the grief and pain of others and finding new ways to attend to ourselves while tending others.. with Hermione Elliott and Brian Graham Fee £65 Early […]

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