Gravestone words

Robin Hyde-Chambers at family-owned funeral services company R Hyde-Chambers Funeral Directors blogs for us this week on gravestone words. “Epitaphs are the words inscribed on a gravestone as a lasting tribute to people who have died. The words on their tombstone usually reflect the characteristics that made them special. “They’re usually an emotive, eloquent tribute to […]

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Rites of passage

Rites of passage are common to every culture. It’s a term used for the ceremonies and rituals we use to mark and celebrate stages in life: from starting and leaving school, loosing teeth to fairies and learning to drive to other markers of independence and coming-of-age: 18th and 21st birthdays, leaving home.

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Funeral as a celebration of life

These days, we often look upon a funeral as a celebration of life as well as an opportunity to mourn a death.

Funeral, ceremony, wake, memorial… whatever you call it, these goodbyes are all ‘rites of passage’ – events for friends and families to come together after a death to say farewell and honour a life. Ceremonies called ‘life celebrations’ may also be held before a death.

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