Final Fling’s Life support system

Happy New Year from Final Fling – the positive thinking, forward planning, reality checking life support system. Since Final Fling began its life in 2012 as a life support system for people faced with making tricky life and death decisions or those thinking ahead, the world has changed.

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Using Final Fling – a user’s tale

This week, Sue Friston, Final Flinger, shares her experience of using Final Fling, one year on.

I thought it would be useful to share with others to make 3 key points:

– you don’t have to do everything at once
– one action is better than none
– keep it up… one step leads to another.

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5 Simple Steps to Joie de Vivre

At Final Fling we advocate living life to the full… with a spirit of joie de vivre. That’s what this is all about really… sorting out your affairs so you can get on with living your life. I’ve had two connections this week that reassure me that what we’re doing is indeed valuable.

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Living eulogy

Writing a eulogy can be a daunting task – so make it easier by starting your own living eulogy. This week, Carole Renshaw shares how a living eulogy – a work of autobiography -transformed a funeral and has made that the standout funeral to date in her experience.

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Life Planning Tools

Final Fling’s Life Planning Tools encourage you to live life to the full – with the end in mind. So whether you’re thinking about caretaking digital legacies for the next generation, want to save others the burden of difficult decisions or just want to take responsibility for your own life and stay in control, try our Life Planning Tools.

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Funeral Wishes and Last Wishes

If that random no.10 bus got you, who would know your funeral wishes?

The scary thing is, one in four of us will NOT die on predictable path. That means we won’t see it coming. Out of the blue, we’ll be here and then gone. And someone else will have to make our funeral arrangements.

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Notices and tributes

Notices and tributes is part of the Life Planning Tools on Final Fling. It acknowledges that in this age of social media, people sometimes want to express grief and celebrate a life together in an online community.

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Bucket List

Got a Bucket List? Bareback riding, paragliding, walking the Camino Way – or maybe just a family reunion. What do you want to do before you go? Capture your dreams and post ideas on Final Fling.

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