Women Do Death Differently

10 years ago, it occurred to me that maybe women do death differently. That’s when I bought the domain name,  Final Fling, in the hope that I could contribute in some way. We’re more about emotional engagement than transaction. We’re collaborative, supportive, we cut to the chase and focus on the important things. We’re good at […]

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Living well dying well

I’ve just been in London speaking at Living Well Dying Well’s conference. What a great event.

It’s inspiring to get together with like-minded folk and share what’s happening. There’s a swell, a movement afoot that might help us get back some of the skills in our communities that we used to have so that we’ll be better able to live and die well.

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Who am I in the face of death and dying?

An experiential one-day workshop for counsellors and professionals in palliative care working at the deep end of death and dying, exploring what happens to us when we work with the grief and pain of others and finding new ways to attend to ourselves while tending others.. with Hermione Elliott and Brian Graham Fee £65 Early […]

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