Festival of Ian Smith

Originally conceived as a tribute to artist, performer and Glasgow’s Mischief La-Bas Director Ian Smith, who took his own life in 2014 after suffering with clinical depression, this is an expanded version of last year’s debut in Glasgow. The aim is to celebrate death, loved ones, art and life.

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Tribute to Ian Smith

This week, we share a tribute to Ian Smith, the focus of this month’s Festival of Ian Smith at Summerhall artspace in Edinburgh. Ian co-founded Mischief La Bas.

6 years ago, Friend of Fling Barbara Millar, now an award-winning funeral celebrant, wrote a review of the work of Ian Smith at the launch of The Briggait, the stunning artspace at the heart of Glasgow’s city centre, where Mischief is still based.

Barbara kindly shares her article as a tribute to Ian Smith.

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