This is Me dementia care document

I’ve just recently come across the great thing that is the This is Me dementia care document and thought I should share it. This came up when I had the privilege of speaking in Cardiff at the Byw Nawr (Live Now) event last week for Dying Matters Awareness Week 2017. We were playing Fling-O-Bingo and I […]

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Alive Inside: music and memory

Last week I watched an incredibly uplifting, moving and inspiring documentary called Alive Inside about the miraculous power of music in accessing memory and reinvigorating people lost to dementia or Alzheimers. I’m not over-exaggerating when I use the word ‘miracle’. And it wasn’t that Biblical once-in-a-lifetime kind of miracle but a reliable, repeatable miracle that happens over and over again. If you do one thing this week, spare 6 minutes and 45 whole seconds to watch this excerpt from the documentary.

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Memory Box

Do you have a Memory Box under the bed?

Great. Lovely for keeping locks of hair and old birthday cards and love letters.

There’s another way you might like to store digital treasures. Final Fling’s Memory Box.

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