Cost of funerals in Scotland

At the end of 2015, Scottish Government commissioned Citizens Advice Scotland to produce a report about the cost of funerals in Scotland. Final Fling met with authors John Birrell and Fraser Sutherland in December to talk ‘funeral poverty’ and feed into the report.

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Disposing of a body

I’ve just been talking to a journalist, keen to know about the options for disposing of a body and this has prompted me to share this information. (It still surprises me that this isn’t stuff we all know by now since it’s the one sure fire thing in life – we will all die.)

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Funeral Wishes and Last Wishes

If that random no.10 bus got you, who would know your funeral wishes?

The scary thing is, one in four of us will NOT die on predictable path. That means we won’t see it coming. Out of the blue, we’ll be here and then gone. And someone else will have to make our funeral arrangements.

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Make your funeral wishes known

I’m making a serious plea this week to make your funeral wishes known to your friends and/or family.
I’ve just had a phone call from ‘Ewan’ – a friend of a Final Flinger ‘Jim’. Our poor Flinger is terminally ill and has now slipped into unconsciousness.

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The finality of scattering ashes can offer closure after a death. And if it’s honouring someone’s wishes, then that very fact may bring solace to friends and family and offer a special place to visit and revisit in the days, months and years ahead. See Evelyn’s blog entry on the Good Funeral Guide’s website about the scattering […]

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Funeral as a celebration of life

These days, we often look upon a funeral as a celebration of life as well as an opportunity to mourn a death.

Funeral, ceremony, wake, memorial… whatever you call it, these goodbyes are all ‘rites of passage’ – events for friends and families to come together after a death to say farewell and honour a life. Ceremonies called ‘life celebrations’ may also be held before a death.

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