Best Green Funeral Directors

In the last few days of the year, let’s celebrate winners – this time the Best Green Funeral Directors award, which went to Gordon and Alison Tulley of Respect Green Funerals. This was awarded by the Association of Green Funeral Directors at the Good Funeral Awards. We spoke to Gordon and Alison about their award and the work they do.

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SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2014

The SunLife ‘Cost of Dying’ report is out for 2014. Here are their findings:

Latest research reveals the total cost of dying in the UK has risen over 10% in the last year. The cost of dying now averages £8,427. This is seven times higher than the cost of living.

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Coffins + caskets

Mahogany and brass no longer dominate the world of coffins + caskets. Cardboard, wicker, chipboard, banana leaf, cocostick, jute, wool, bamboo, wild pineapple; earth sleepers and ecopods; hand painted, designer and artist created; in your team colours, featuring a favourite photograph, printed with sunflowers, wicker caskets with wildflowers woven through, or scribbled with good wishes […]

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