Where can you hold a funeral?

  Anywhere is the short answer. Mostly we tend to hold funerals as a two stage process. 1) First, there’s the part where we say goodbye: usually at ‘the place of rest’… the burial ground or crematorium. Burial grounds are sometimes attached to churches so the ceremony may be in the church, the churchyard or if the […]

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Who does what at a funeral

So who does what at a funeral? There are various roles that we expand on elsewhere. This is your at-a-glance guide: Remember, you don’t have to use ANY professionals. There is nothing to stop you doing all this yourself if you’d rather. Funeral Directors : takes care of arranging the funeral from collection of the […]

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Funeral as a celebration of life

These days, we often look upon a funeral as a celebration of life as well as an opportunity to mourn a death.

Funeral, ceremony, wake, memorial… whatever you call it, these goodbyes are all ‘rites of passage’ – events for friends and families to come together after a death to say farewell and honour a life. Ceremonies called ‘life celebrations’ may also be held before a death.

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