Planning for death (not just the funeral)

Thanks to Compassion In Dying for their thoughts on planning for death this week. “When planning for the end, consider your death, not just your funeral,” they advise…

When we think of planning for the end of our lives, what will often come to mind are funeral arrangements and ensuring your affairs are settled after you’ve gone. But what we often neglect to consider is the dying process itself – what healthcare and treatment we might receive and what our death will be like as a result.

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How to achieve a good death

 Does a good death exist? Peg, a music teacher with cancer achieved a good death. She went home. Her ability to be at home, spend time with people she loved around her, pass on a book of music to Hunter, share a hug, say out loud: “you’re special”… that was a good death . Death – and a […]

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