Table for one

image“Table for one”. It can be a liberation, an embarrassment, a statement, a wee shame, a treat.

Like everything else in life, it’s all about attitude, perspective and most of all, choice.

I’ve just had a birthday. I chose to go out for dinner on my own in a city I don’t know. I’d flown in, dumped my stuff in my AirBnB, had a cuppa with my host, taken a walk round the neighbourhood, found a restaurant I liked and booked a table for one.

I felt liberated, grown-up, independent, alive. I determined not to take my phone, my Kindle, a book, a newspaper, or any other paraphernalia for hiding behind. I elected to be present.

I had a very special night with myself. I drank very good wine, ate very good food, enjoyed very good company (yes, my own!). I watched, thought, wrote opening chapters to several books in my head and pondered on many deep and meaningful aspects of life.

It occurred to me how different it might feel if I wasn’t in choice. My friend Lynn has a business called Suddenly Single to help people sort their financials if they suddenly find themselves – for whatever reason – needing a table for one.

Big and small moments in life take on a very different hue depending on whether or not we are in choice. And sometimes we have to step up – be active rather than passive in life to take responsibility for ourselves – be accountable for our actions.

So a wee reminder today. It’s better to be the driver than the passenger in life. Own your choices.

As we always say, when it comes to life and death decisions, stay in control (right to the end). You’ll get way more out of life. And death.

And in the spirit of being in control, go on, sign up for an account and make one plan today.

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