Say their names

Fabulous Fara and family

We lost a friend suddenly. A friend of a crowd of us. None of us really knew her family – as often happens.

A year on from her funeral, I wanted to post a wee tribute on Final Fling.

Why? I wondered.

I think it’s like the importance of the ‘say their names‘ campaign run by The Compassionate Friends who encourage families who have lost a son or daughter to say the names and tell the stories of our loved and lost.

I want to celebrate the delight that was Fara. Her energy, her joy. She drummed with us every week in our women’s samba band… for only a short time actually, but she made a huge impact.

Fara's friends

The band play for Fara on the anniversary of her death

We named her favourite number after her: “Fara’s delight” as a tribute… and a way to make sure we say her name regularly and never forget.

I checked with Fara’s partner and family that it was OK to share this on Final Fling. That felt important.

They were delighted and glad to share photos of Fara ‘back in the day’ – Final Fling style.

Thanks to them.

Love to you Fara.

Please do, say their names. Use our Notices & Tributes to share and celebrate. It’s free.


Fara birthday tea


Fara and her mum and dad   Fara swing

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