Robes + shrouds


As with every other aspect of dying, there are options on how to dress.

This is usually a favourite outfit, a smart suit, a robe or shroud. It can be your trademark jeans and t-shirt, your prom dress, your old comfies. You may prefer to leave this world as you came, with nothing and wearing nothing. It’s probably best in that case to capture this in your Wishes because the tradition is to dress the person who has died.

Funeral directors can provide a robe or shroud and will show you the range they stock.

There are lots of options out there, so if it’s something you have thoughts about for yourself, save others the thinking and organise it now by simply recording it as a wish or order and keep it.

There are beautiful linen and felted shrouds on the market and we feature some in our Marketplace directory.

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