Portraits, film + webcasting



You can tell the story of a life in words, pictures, moving image.

Hire a professional photographer, artist, writer, film editor or videographer to help commemorate a life or create material for a funeral, ceremony or memorial event. They can create a portrait, compile an album, book, story.  They can work from existing photos and film, create new material and put it all together for you.

Portraits + photography

Lindsay Cox, the artist featured here, produced this delicate portrait of a mother and child from a photograph, a lasting memorial or keepsake.  Photographers can produce portraits of a family or individual or can capture a funeral or memorial ceremony, skilled at capturing a poignant time sensitively and discretely.


Videography is the craft of making a film to tell a life story. You might want to make a film of someone’s life while they are still with us. You could film family and friends paying tribute to share with that person. You could use this footage as part of the eulogy at a funeral. You could film a funeral or memorial event and share with others on your Final Fling page. You could run a movie on a loop at a gathering or wake.  You can film entirely fresh footage or a montage from photographs, images, interviews, old home movies and fresh footage.  You can do this yourself. It could provide group therapy in the days before the funeral by working on it with other friends and family.


Web-casting is a growing trend – broadcasting via the internet. Some UK Councils are building this service in to their crematoria and more and more people are using the internet to share a funeral. This is hugely valuable for our mobile population, beaming a service across the world so that no-one need miss out because they are far from home. Film companies will film the service or ceremony in the crematorium and can broadcast it live plus store it on line for you to re-watch. They’ll give you a code to access and view, so that it’s only available to people you invite.

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