3 steps to plan for the end

pigeonI had a call from someone new to Final Fling today who was looking for help to plan for the end. Let’s call her Laura. And I had a message from ‘Moya’, who was looking for exactly the same help.

Both were prompted to plan by activities during Dying Matters Awareness Week. Hurrah! Moya had seen a report on TV about our #BigConversation event for Awareness Week that managed to get a whole 9 minutes on TV!

Laura was born in Inverness in 1942. Her dad was fighting in Burma. He returned when she was 4 – a stranger in the house. Her parents struggled to recover from the trauma of war and divorced. They later remarried. She nearly died as a baby – saved by Dr McDonald who travelled all the way from Inverness to London to get off the station, pick up life-saving medicine and hop back on the train to return. She’s now in her 70s. About to go in for a hip operation. It prompted her to think about the “what ifs” that ignite end of life planning and she’s determined to sort her funeral wishes, pay for her funeral and leave behind some instructions and her story to save the kids the hassle.

Plan for the end on Final Fling

So we talked about how to use Final Fling to plan.

I’m a pragmatist. I don’t seem to have another way. At this stage in my life, I see death as an inevitable and unknown quantity. The best I believe I can do is prepare, plan then carry on living it up.

So that’s what I advise if you too want to plan for the end:

  1. Sign up for our free Life Planning Tools. Try posting one thing in each of these. Dead easy.
  2. Get to grips with funeral rules (none to speak of!) and get ideas for funeral planning. Check out typical costs. Get our funeral checklist too to understand the questions others will have to consider at the time to help shape your thinking. Dead organised.
  3. Get yourself a flexible, good value Funeral Plan. We’ve partnered up with a reliable provider who ‘gets’ the Final Fling ethos to save you shopping around. They’ll connect you to a Funeral Director who will deliver the service for you. Dead simple.

Laura was stuck on her first question. Burial or cremation? We’ve got several blogs exploring this so have a look and think about natural burial. Green is the new black.

Let us know how you get on and email if you need more help.

That’s what we’re here for.

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