How to plan for the end on Final Fling

I had an email today from Trevor asking for help to plan for the end on Final Fling. It reminds me that sometimes it’s nice to be hand-held and guided through options in life. Trevor wrote:
I live in the UK, aged 65 and want to arrange my own funeralAs far as I know, I have never died before, so this is new to me. I know where I want to be buried, the funeral director, the monumental mason for my headstone, but not when. Think I am pleased about that!  Is it possible to direct me on your website to the right page, please. I guess you must know this is very important to me. I’m also trying to organise all my documentation and items I wish to be put in my coffin. Your help would be so much appreciated.
Thank you.

How to plan for the end on Final Fling

So here we go. It’s all pretty straightforward.

Sign up

If you’ve never visited before, have a look at the one minute film on our home page. See the Welcome page to get more info on what the community offers.

Start by signing up for a free account on Final Fling if you don’t already have one. And if you need more hand-holding, see our step by step How To guide.

Now add a profile pic and banner picture, just like you do on social media. Then you can start adding posts – this is how you attach documents, jot down wishes and pass on messages. (Remember you set privacy settings as you go, so you decide what’s shared with others on the site and what’s private to you and yours.)

Get on with planning

I highlighted in Trevor’s email above the 3 words that capture his three key topics, all commonly asked about:

1. Funeral plans

If you know what you want for your funeral, you’re as well to buy a funeral plan. You can pay for your funeral now and save in the future by paying at today’s prices and the money’s safely held in trust. We have 3 unique funeral plan options created specially for Final Fling and managed by Open Pre-Paid funeral plans. (Other plans are available but we looked long and hard to find the right flexible approach for Final Flingers.)

If you want to read more around the subject look at our blogs.

2. Essential documents

These are the 20+ essential documents that next of kin will thank you for. It’s worth making sure they are all findable.

The easiest way to do this is to save them on Final Fling. We offer a free Safe Deposit Box on Final Fling so you can keep all your documents there. That makes it easy for others to find them ‘in the event’. Final Fling’s Safe Deposit Boxes are as secure as online banking. No-one can see them unless you share. And of course, you should nominate a Keyholder you trust to access your documents when you determine – now or after you die.

If you want to read more about important paperwork see blogs:

It’s good just to be systematic and start uploading these onto your own account on Final Fling. If you don’t have a scanner, take photos of documents with your phone and let family know where originals are held.

3. Funeral wishes

If you’re not as clear as Trevor on what you want, see the section Organise a Funeral and browse blog topics in the green box for more funeral inspiration to help think through your Wishes.

Sign into your account and click on “Wishes” option:

Click the yellow “Add post” button to add funeral wishes:

You can grab a photo of the place you’d like ashes scattered. Or share a weblink to music or upload a file of you singing in the choir. You can upload a film clip. Or a document with every detail or just write “It’s all up to you” and leave it at that.

Many people start their funeral wishes by thinking of music they’d like for their funeral. We have lots of Top 10s of funeral music to inspire thinking.

If you have questions about how to plan for the end on Final Fling, please get in touch. There’s a massive amount of information on the site and we can help you navigate your way.

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