Only Human… the next chapter

Practice what you preach

After 10 years developing Final Fling as a platform for end of life planning, I’m onto a new project… Only Human… human-centred service design consulting and Humanist celebrancy.

I want to spend less time in the virtual space of online, digital and advance planning and more time in the real space of making the world a more human place and delivering meaningful ceremonies.

The individuals, couples and families I work with will be local to me, from the communities I belong to.

“I’m not trying to change the whole world, just the bit around me.”

inspired by my mentor, Jane Spiers

I spent the weekend planning a funeral for a friend and will deliver it on Monday. I’m already feeling I’ve made the right choice.

Final Fling will remain visible for now but I won’t be updating old blogs so do check if the information you’re after might be affected by changing times.

In future, find me under Only Human – sharing information about my human-centred service design consultancy and the celebrancy work I do.

Please email me if you want to keep in touch. I’d love to keep connected.

Follow me with my Only Human hat on social too: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as that journey begins.

4 thoughts on “Only Human… the next chapter

  1. Wow You don’t stop Barbara.
    I’m sure your experience and understand will ensure an even busier and possibly fulfilling next chapter.

    Good for you

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