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Coffin decoratingThanks to Dorothy Paddon for this week’s blog about online funeral services.

Recently two people I cared about – a cousin, and a friend – both died in USA.

I’m not usually a fan of the American way of doing things – but I was impressed by the on-line facilities two funeral companies, in different states, made available, making it easy for distant mourners to contribute.

I Googled the names of my friend and cousin and discovered to my delight that  I could write a tribute for each person and a message to their families – and also send flowers on line (a good choice and quite reasonably priced).

Had I been over there, I could also have arranged a venue for a gathering after the funeral.

It was great to be able access these online funeral services and to read other tributes and messages online for both.

I wondered if such a service existed among British funeral directors.

(And she found Final Fling.)

It certainly makes things easier for the world-wide networks that so many of us are part of nowadays – and to me felt the very opposite of impersonal – rather brought us closer together at a time of loss.

Online funeral services Fling style

So remember, these are some of the things Dorothy might like that you can do using Final Fling:

  • you can share your funeral wishes with your nearest and dearest
  • you can post a Tribute to someone
  • you can post a Notice that someone has died or share updates on funeral arrangements with your private network
  • you can browse the Marketplace for webcasting, video and other support that means you enables us to broadcast online funeral services.

If you provide interesting and developing funeral services – online or locally, get in touch. You should join our Marketplace so people like Dorothy can find you.


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