Once are creators of poetic happenings and magical events, marking the day to day and the extraordinary of our lives.

We respond to commissions and develop our own programme creating bespoke projects, interventions, workshops, performances, ceremonies and events.

Once believe in supporting individuals to find ways to create appropriate ceremonies that are particularly right for them. Drawing on our skills, experience and imaginations each event is unique and meaningful.

Funeral & Memorial ceremonies are a chance for those left behind to remember and pay tribute to someone who has died and support the bereaved in being able to move forward in their lives. Once feel very strongly that options should be clearly offered to the bereaved in the organisation of funerals and memorials: that in difficult circumstances people should be offered support to make the right choices for them and not be pressed into creating a ceremony that doesn’t fit them or the deceased. There are more and more options available to create the most fitting occasion: woodland burial sites, changing crematoriums, coffins and urns made from different materials being just a few.

Once offer the services of Celebrants and Celebratory artists to support and enhance these choices.

See the Once website here. Phone on 07969 746720 or email us.






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