Nurturing, healing, love

Scarlett and Jesse

Scarlett and Jesse

Scarlett Lewis has written a book called Nurturing, Healing, Love. These were the 3 words her 6 year old son Jesse had written on the kitchen chalkboard, discovered days after he was murdered in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in the US.

Find Scarlett’s book Nurturing Healing Love.

Scarlett thought she’d never be able to go back to the farmhouse where she’d raised her boys and had been staying at her mum’s. When she went back to collect clothes for the funeral she saw these 3 words on kitchen chalkboard.

It “astounded me; floored me,” says Scarlett. The words were written phonetically. She believes, pre-cognitive. As you’d imagine: these words are not usually in the vernacular of a 6 year old… “a first grader, learning to write”.

Scarlett believes this was a prophetic sign and has interpreted his meaning to be the definition of compassion:

  • nurturing – loving kindness and gratitude
  • healing – forgiveness
  • love – compassion in action.

Scarlett believes the message from Jesse to his family, community and the wider world was to practise those values. “I knew he had a spiritual awareness. He was leaving a message of comfort,” says Scarlett talking on Funeral Radio. “I knew I’d spend the rest of my life sharing Jesse’s message.”

Listen in to hear her story of the signs that continue to appear long after his death. Inspired, she set up the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation – advocating across the country for social and emotional learning programmes.

Acts of violence like Sandy Hook are all too common – there have been over 100 shootings in schools in the US since that incident in 2012. Of course shootings are much more common in the US because of gun laws but they’re not unknown in the UK. Final Fling Founder, Barbara, was involved in media management after the Dunblane tragedy in 1996. The shocking event rocked the world; unthinkable in the sleepy hollow cathedral town, now otherwise known as home of Scotland’s international tennis ace, Andy Murray.

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