Notices and tributes

Notices & Tributes on Final FlingNotices and Tributes is one of the Life Planning Tools on Final Fling.

It’s a place for public expressions of loss and a way to message privately with your network, say about funeral arrangements.

Our Notices and Tributes page acknowledges that in this age of social media, mobile populations and fractured communities, people sometimes want to express grief or celebrate a life together in an online community… newspaper notices and intimations in bakers’ windows are a thing of the past.

When someone dies and they had a wide social network or scattered friends and family, it can help to reach out to each other by posting a notice on Final Fling. Our Notices and Tributes page can be used to post a tribute, pay respects, leave messages of love, share your memories and loss, express grief and condolences, retell stories, celebrate a life.

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Inspiration for Notices and Tributes

We introduced Notices and Tributes page after the death of artist and friend of Final Fling, Adrian Howells. It is dedicated to Adrian.

Adrian performed Unburden for our Day of the Dead Festival in 2013.  He had touched many people through his powerful and moving one-to-one performance work. The news of his untimely death in 2014 swept round his vast circle of friends fast. A clear need emerged for people to have a place to go and express their sadness and celebrate the life of this amazing, spirited soul. Thousands turned to Final Fling because of our connection to him as an associate artist. At that time, there was nothing we could do to offer a place to share the news or post tributes.

Adrian Howells1

So we’ve fixed that… Notices and Tributes.


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