Connecting with mortality

Skip & Baby Sara

Skip and baby Sara

Do you ever ponder your mortality? Yep. Me too. You might be interested to hear from our friend Bobby Sheehan at Working Pictures in New York, sharing news of their campaign, Mortal on Indiegogo.

The Mortal project

“There are two things that every person in this world shares: we are all born and we will all die. Death and dying is a topic that many shy away from. The unknown is scary. Some feel conversations around death can be dark and morose. But what if we could change the way people view death? What if we could make it something to embrace? For some, it may sound strange, to embrace dying, but is it possible that by accepting death we can live fuller and more meaningful lives?

MORTAL is a documentary film that aims to answer these questions. About a year ago it become evident that my father-in-law Skip was beginning to die.  Never having met my own father, Skip was the only father I had and we were close not only as father and son, but as friends.  As part of my grieving I started developing a documentary about death and dying – a subject none of us want to talk about. As a director this is naturally how I’ve conditioned myself to react to tough situations. As more and more people found their way into this project I realized that “Mortal” is more about life and living. Wow…thought I…what a wonderful life lesson.

“MORTAL has become a hopeful journey that explores how people have chosen to face death and dying, whether it is their own death or the death of a loved one. The goal of MORTAL is not to dictate how to look at life or death, but to open up the conversation and encourage people to discover what it means to be human.

Connecting with mortality

“We are at the beginning of this journey and cannot go it alone. A project like MORTAL needs a strong and passionate community behind it to really succeed. This is an extremely human conversation that needs to be shared with like-minded souls. Join us in the mission to change the way we perceive death. We all have a finite number of years on this earth, shouldn’t we strive to live them as fully as possible?

“Take a minute to watch the trailer and help spread the word. Thank you.”

Bobby Sheehan, Working Pictures, New York

We like what Bobby is up to. Support him on Indiegogo.


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