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Sara and Bobby Sheehan

Sara Sheehan, producer (left) with Bobby Sheehan, Fling blogger

This week, Sara Sheehan, producer, talks with us about her new film documentary, Mortal. There are free online screenings of the film from today until 25 April. We love the look of it.

Sara tells us:

“We began filming our documentary Mortal when it was apparent that my father was failing.  My mother was faced with an overwhelming amount of decisions to make and they all felt as if they were of life and death importance.”

Mortal: free online screening April 12-25

“We feel so strongly that this film needs to be seen. See Mortal via free online screening from April 12- 25.

“As filmmakers who have made documentaries, TV series and commercials it seemed natural to us to go on a journey with our cameras to meet with a variety of people experiencing profound life moments and those in the end-of-life field.

“We filmed professionals from palliative care workers, hospice professionals, spiritual guides, people who have experienced near deaths, people who are trying to cheat death, people in the throes of illness, and people who are bringing life into this world.

“All these stories were woven together for our documentary Mortal.

“Advanced screenings of Mortal and the overwhelming positive response showed us how important it is to have these essential core value discussions about how we want to live and to die. There is a paradigm shift and people are now ready to talk about end of life. These discussions crystalize what is important and allows us to live in a more profound and present manner. Mortal is an excellent vehicle to begin these discussions.

“This segment of the human experience is too broad for one film, so Mortal will be the pilot film in a series about the human experience and the beauty of being alive. We are in pre-production on: “When Mourning Comes” about grief; “Rise” about veterans and the tough return home; and one addressing near death experiences called “In the Presence of Light”.

Getting Mortal off the ground

Mortal was made possible by Sara and Bobby crowdfunding to raise the money.

Mortal is foremost a movie about death and dying. It is being told from an open, honest and healthy perspective. “Starting out as children we do not know anything about birth or death. As we go through life we learn of the real human capacity to withstand suffering from ourselves and others. This lets us grow from our personal experiences. Suffering and hardship are uniting forces and sharing these stories benefits all of us. In order to tell this story Mortal introduces us to people who live ageless lives, cancer survivors and those who have chosen assisted suicide in order to stop their torment.

See more about the film “Mortal”.

Keeping it in the family

You might have noticed, Sara is pictured above with Bobby Sheehan, who has blogged for us before.

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We urge anyone dealing with end of life to think ahead and make plans now… tackle some of the life and death decisions rather than leave them to others. Our raison d’être.

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