Memory Box

Final Fling Memory Box posts

Final Fling Memory Box posts

Memory Box if part of Final Fling’s Life Planning Tools.

Do you have a Memory Box under the bed?

Great. Lovely for keeping locks of hair and old birthday cards and love letters.

There’s another way you might like to store digital treasures. Final Fling’s Memory Box.

Share your life story. Share photos of great days. Upload old home movie clips and sound clips. Keep a list of the playlist of your life. You decide which should be private, public or shared with your network. You can always appoint a Keyholder who can access them ‘in the event’.

3 good reasons for creating an online Memory Box:

  1. Sort your digital legacies from your digital litter and saves others trying to wade through thousands of photos.
  2. One day you may value these memories more than you know.
  3. This could provide great information for a tribute at your life celebration or funeral.

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