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There’s a growing interest in ‘Meaning Making’ at the end of life for the carers and professionals whose job it is to help us – in whatever way we need it – to pass on from this life.

In 2013, Glasgow University’s theology department held a seminar with colleagues from the NHS’s education service that was attended by a very wide ranging group of people – celebrants, chaplains, end of life companions, artists, facilitators, nurses, hospice staff, NHS managers – and of course Final Fling.

What adds meaning at the end of life?

Ian Stirling, a chaplain who presented at the seminar, is researching meaning-making.

He’s keen to know what matters to us at the end. Poetry, song, images, sounds, messages, voices, films: artefacts and souvenirs of life – a photo, scrap of material, lock of hair – a glimpse of the past; yours or someone else’s.

Email Ian with your thoughts.

Start your own Memory Box

Memories can bring joy at the end of life… one person’s memories and stories passed on to the next generation or reliving our own memories, celebrating our life’s highlights.

Start a free Final Fling account and start uploading precious files to your Memory Box. Store and share the things that add meaning to your life.

What adds meaning in your life?

Tell us about the words, songs, films, poems, books, objects that add meaning to your life.

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