Match-making for a terminal partner – what do you think?

So this week I’ve been contacted by a TV production company who are researching whether there’s programme potential in the subject of match-making for a terminal partner.

I can’t say I think that’s a great way to go for a couple. Feels like an over-positive response that might gloss over the loss and grief that might otherwise be felt as they set off on the rocky road to parting from each other.

What do you think?

The researcher tells me: “We’re conducting research for a possible documentary series about couples who, when faced with the reality that one of them has a terminal illness, embark on a journey to find a new partner for the surviving person.

“The idea for the programme was inspired by an article written in the New York Times by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, “You May Want To Marry My Husband.” In the article, Rosenthal, who had terminal cancer, created a dating profile for her husband Jason so he could find love again, after she’s gone. The column was widely circulated and praised for its beauty, honesty and humour as she explains how “the most genuine gift (she) can hope for is that the right person…finds Jason, and another love story begins.”

“So that we might explore this idea further and better understand grief and loss, we are looking for likeminded couples who are in this same position and who would like to share their story with us. We want to look at how people think and talk about death and how they plan for life after a loved one dies.

“Our hope is that you may know of couples that would be interested in speaking to us, telling us their stories, advising us on how to shape the programme and/or how to best approach other couples. We would also like to hear from professionals who have worked with couples in this position. Any help at this early stage, whether on or off camera, would be so much appreciated.”

If that’s you, email Ellie direct and let her know your thoughts.

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