Make your funeral wishes known

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I’m making a serious plea this week to make your funeral wishes known to your friends and/or family.

I’ve just had a phone call from ‘Ewan’ – a friend of a Final Flinger ‘Jim’. Our poor Flinger is terminally ill and has now slipped into unconsciousness.

Jim had let his friends know he was a Final Fling user and Ewan was getting in touch to see if I could help him access any instructions Jim had left.

The last thing Jim had written in February was “I don’t want much spent on my funeral”.

That’s something but I guess when I say ‘make your funeral wishes known’ I think you could do a little more to be helpful. Ewan is feeling a bit burdened by having to work everything else out now and make choices when he’s not much in the mood for ‘shopping’.

You might feel it’s too self-indulgent, but honestly, I’d rather have a heads-up from my nearest and dearest than have to make a call by guessing what their funeral wishes might be.

How to make your funeral wishes clearer

Final Fling is designed entirely to help with this horrible situation. Here’s how it could be done better:

  1. Sign up for a Final Fling account
  2. Post a few simple instructions in your Funeral Wishes: click ‘Add’ and add a pic and/or a few words or type up a list and upload. Here are the basics it’s good to cover: burial or cremation; where; any folks that you’d like to be there (despite Google circles and Facebook, we don’t always know who the important connections in our friends’ lives are); any music you like; thoughts about flowers or not, provisions for paying, thoughts about location/style for funeral tea/knees up/wake; any preferences for ash scattering.
  3. Share your Funeral Wishes with your private network and at least with a Keyholder who can access them ‘in the event’.

Really. Death is coming to ALL of us. Whatever your belief system or faith or sense of the afterlife, we’re none of us avoiding this finality.

Be thoughtful. Make your funeral wishes known. Start here.


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