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Page Hodel, Madalene Rodrigues, Monday Hearts for Madalene

If you’ve loved and lost someone, you might find that creating a loving tribute (or many loving tributes) channels your emotional energy in a positive way.

Have a look here for inspiration – Page Hodel from California has the beautiful tribute website Monday Hearts for Madalene for her partner, loved and lost too soon.

“When I met Madalene, we fell instantly dizzyingly in love. We each felt we had found the love we had searched  for all our lives. Every Sunday night after work, I would make a little heart on Madalene’s doorstep out of leaves or flowers or buttons, anything pretty I could find. I wanted her to find a sweet  little “ I love you ” waiting for her when she went out the door to go to work on Monday morning to start her week with a visual reminder of our love.

“Seven months after we fell in love, Madalene was diagnosed with advanced stage ovarian cancer. What followed was her unbelievably courageous determination to fight and ultimately her her brave, graceful surrender to this savage disease.

“Madalene died four months later. She was 46 years old.

“A few days before she died, I  promised Madalene that I would continue to make my hearts for her , for the rest of MY life, as a way to show her I would never forget her. It is a way for me to express the river of love I have inside of me and to maintain the continuity of my connection to her, to keep her in my physical world.

“The process of making these hearts was never intended to be more than my private messages to Madalene. Which initially they were. Then one day, Madalene’s brother Ivan suggested I take photographs of them and without much question I followed his suggestion. Each week taking a photograph and keeping it dear. Now I understand why.

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