Time for a Life MOT?

Life MOTAre you interested in a Life MOT?

Barbara Chalmers, Founder of Final Fling offers personalised Life MOT packages. A qualified life coach, executive coach, and COSCA Counselling Skills qualified, Barbara is trained in MAP and PATH techniques and is also considered a death coach.

Barbara has delivered sessions for all sorts of people – focussing on their personal and/or professional development. Some want an MOT to explore change and growth, others are looking for stasis or balance. She’s worked with people at times of personal confusion or crisis, some at a crossroads, people looking to self-actualise… entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, artistic directors, senior civil servants, chief executives, a pop group, gay and straight people working on relationship issues.

A lovely gift for someone at the time of a big life change – a big birthday, retirement, diagnosis, children leaving home, divorce or separation, bereavement and other losses we don’t always acknowledge.

MOT options


Barbara can help in a number of ways:

  • Life MOT: an annual review of life. Two hour exploration of where you’re at and where you want to go using MAP or PATH processes to design a plan for the future. £160. Delivered in Glasgow (or elsewhere by arrangement).

  • Life Coach MOT: 6 one-hour life coaching sessions to orient, get a plan in place and start checking in on will and intent. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on how intense or urgent the period of change feels. £80 for each session. Spread payment over the year: £40 monthly on subscription or save £50 when you pay for the whole series.

  • Death MOT: an hour’s coaching on how to get the best out of Final Fling. Skype or phone session. £80 for the hour.

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