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What’s the range of paperwork next of kin need to access after a death?

When someone dies, there are around 20 essential documents next of kin will need to be able to access fairly quickly. (And these days, your list of user names and passwords might be top of that list.)

It’s a good idea to think ahead and save next of kin scrabbling around for your essential paperwork by uploading copies of these documents to Final Fling in your secure Safe Deposit Box and appointing a Keyholder who can access them ‘in the event’. See this scary info on lost pensions to remind yourself why it matters!

First get our Top 20 list of next of kin paperwork

Send me 20 essential docs checklist

Now follow this link to the Life Planning Tools to start using your FREE Final Fling tools, including the secure Safe Deposit Box.

It’s quick and easy to scan and upload copies of essential documents to your Safe Deposit Box. It’s secure enough to store account user names and passwords too so if you have these on a spreadsheet or list, add it to your essential documents.

It’s worth having a look at the list too to get ideas for the paperwork you should have in place for yourself NOW.

For example, where a Will safeguards your Wishes after you die, Powers of Attorney safeguard your legal, financial, physical and even spiritual wellbeing while you’re alive. If you become unable to make decisions, Powers of Attorney allow someone you trust to take decisions for you. That can reduce stress and ensure you can continue to live life to your values even when you can’t express what they are.

Essential documents whatever age and stage you’re at. We never know what’s ahead.

Store these and other legal and financial paperwork securely in your  Final Fling Safe Deposit Box to make it easy for your next of kin to track down your paperwork and contact employers, pension, banks, Council Tax, Inland Revenue and others.

Know your 20 essentials: Fling-O-Bingo

We have a technique we use for Final Fling events to raise awareness of the 20 essential documents next of kin will need. (We first used this making a presentation to the Ideal Death Show).

We call it Fling-O-Bingo! We invite people to fill in a blank ‘bingo card’ to guess at the 20 documents they might need then reveal the answers and offer a wee prize. It’s specifically designed to be light-hearted to engage.

Get a copy of the blank bingo card here:

And get a copy of a completed card:

Help to start making legal and financial plans

Need encouragement to start? See:

Contact us and we’ll put you straight in touch with legal and financial experts who will give free advice to get you started and let you know what you might pay before you commit to anything.