Financial planning for later life

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Financial planning for later life is really important… for you to have the best old age possible and if you’ve anything left over, to those you are leaving behind. Whether your finances are in the red or the black, you should be thinking ahead.

Ageing and healthcare

Being part of an ageing and growing population, you may want to have some choice in the life and the care you can opt for when you’re older. See info on retirement plans, equity release, private healthcare. Make sure you have a health and welfare power of attorney to protect you if you can no longer speak up for yourself.

Financial protection and savings

You will almost certainly want to protect your life and assets in the smartest way possible. Being on top of your finances means being informed, knowing your options, deciding whether or not to put a bit away when you can. See info on savings and investmentswealth management, life cover, critical illness cover,


You’ll want to avoid tax as much as possible, so see advice on tax and bereavement, inheritance tax and will trusts.

Funeral payment

You’ll possibly want to pay for your funeral rather than leave it to someone else and you may want to provide for others after you have gone. See information on the Cost of Dying, our funeral plan comparison table and other ways of paying for a funeral.

Debt management

You may have debts that need to be cleared before other financial planning can be organised. This is quite common. Contact one of our advisers to review your current situation and get some advice on how to re-organise your finances. In the UK, the most common debt types are mortgages and credit cards. This doesn’t happen so much in France and Germany. In Germany far fewer people own their homes and so they are less affected by interest rate changes. If you are sitting on credit card debt you could be paying anything from 13-30% interest. There are ways of sorting this. You can approach the Citizens Advice Bureau for advice and there are also specialist independent advisers who can assist you here.


See our information about benefits and help.

Professional advice

It’s worth knowing a few facts to help think about choices and decisions. Whether you want to make sure there’s enough for a final round or develop your own string of care homes for like-minded baby boomers with an Italian chef and an arts programme, it’s worth reviewing your position with an independent financial adviser. Like an MOT, it’s also worth a periodic check to ensure you’re still boxing clever. Contact us and we’ll connect you straight to an expert.