5 Simple Steps to Joie de Vivre

Saudi Luti in her gallery

#1: Art – Sandie in her gallery

IMG_1953 (2)

#2: Play


#3: Family










At Final Fling we advocate living life to the full… with a spirit of joie de vivre. That’s what our mission is all about really… helping you sort out your affairs so you can get on with living your life.


So this week, with the help of Flinger, Sandie Luti, we’re sharing our 5 Simple Steps to Joie de Vivre.

Sandie is one of Final Fling’s Death Cafe regulars.

She emailed me to admit:

“I haven’t been active on Final Fling for a long time.  One day I will. I am very impressed with all the regular communication (like B Positive our monthly hut-hut) and all the information in our Deadline newsletter.

“I’ve been oh so busy.  I’ve had my 66th birthday, I’ve delighted in my grandchildren (another is on the way). I’ve pottered in the garden, I’ve revelled in my role in my art gallery. I have fulfilled one bucket list “to do” by going on a watercolour course.  I swim and have been to the gym.

“It doesn’t matter that I get very tired, that I creak a bit, that I can no longer unscrew the lid off a jar… pickled beetroot is particularly difficult… that getting up from my knees will never again be elegant, that my teeth are no longer pearly white, that I’ve had a couple of falls in four months and broken my wrist both times.

Ho down Calgary Jan 2014 (2)

#4: Fun

“It doesn’t matter because I have plenty in my day to day life to bring me joie de vivre.


#5: Wellbeing

“Well done, Final Fling, for making the path to the inevitable so positively proactive.”

Cheers Sandie. What a lovely message to send.
So we summarise the 5 secrets as:
  1. Art and nature: the beautiful, inspiring things in life
  2. Play: keep in touch with your inner child
  3. Family and friends: it’s LOVE really. Give it generously. Get in back in abundance.
  4. Fun: let go, make space for that cheerful energy, have a go, say YES! to everything.
  5. Wellbeing: swim, stretch, walk, run, learn, try: be active and engaged in your world.
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