Investment opportunity

b & kids Madeira StreetInterested in an investment opportunity? I hope you’ll use Final Fling to invest in yourself and your significant others.

You can use our Life Planning Tools to capture, store and share your memories and valuables (stories, home movie clips, sound files) and make sure your digital legacies don’t get lost among your digital litter.

I’ve been investing in myself and my own all my life. The picture shows me and my weans when they were wee. (Oops. Got all Scottish there… ‘my children when they were small’.)

By this age, I’d already kept a journal for over a decade, had a Will for several years, had memory boxes of stuff … locks of hair, baby teeth, children’s paintings, letters to santa, handmade cards… treasures that would fill their This is Your Life Big Red Books on their 21st birthdays. Some treasures I’ll keep forever.

So use the Final Fling Memory Box to filter out your most important pics and share with your nearest and dearest. Note who’s in them, what the occasion was, why they matter. You’ll all appreciate it later on. And later on comes remarkably fast I’ve noticed recently!

To me, that’s the most important thing on Fling. The Safe Deposit Box matters of course on a practical level – with its prompt to store and share securely the 20 essential documents next of kin will need. But it’s the personal stuff that really matters.

I was meeting with a family yesterday, gathering personal stories and notes to deliver a funeral for their dad next week. The old dog-eared photos (on digital now of course) and the stories are the real legacies.

Invest in your own future and your legacy. 5 minutes today. 5 minutes another day. You’ll enjoy it. I guarantee it.

(PS – if you were interested in a different sort of investment opportunity and want to help Fling grow, email me. Always happy to play with others who share my passion for living life to the full.



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