Headstones and gravestones

If you opt for burial or want ashes buried, you can usually erect a memorial headstone or gravestone.

If you have a woodland burial that’s not likely to be the case but you may be able to put up a small memorial plaque nearby.

In the UK, Councils manage burial grounds and have guidelines on the size, shape, material and format of headstones. Commonly, your Council will have a register of local, approved memorial masons (often called ‘monumental sculptors’) who will provide and erect a headstone and know the local rules. Headstones are usually made of a long-lasting natural stone: eg granite or marble and usually stand between 2 and 5 feet high. All graves and headstones are a matter of public record. It’s the family’s responsibility to maintain a monument.

See Headstone Guide for more details.

The amount of space available for headstones and memorials all over the world is being tested as the population grows – in number and in the super-size-me scale of some individuals. Hong Kong has run out of space: first for burials and now for storage places for urns and ashes. To cope with this, some memorial gardens now offer the chance to go digital: an outdoor touch screen that can call up photos and information to remember a person. In the US, it’s possible to have a barcode added to a gravestone that can be scanned by a smartphone to provide more background information on the deceased.

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  1. You might be interested to visit the blog I curate called The Headstone Guide. It is full of helpful information on hand carved headstones, and much more such a choosing the wording and design.

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