Happy new you

jane and philip

Jane and Philip

Happy new you! Yep. That’s what Final Fling is all about. Making life the best it can be, whatever is going on for you.

So if you’re in New Year’s Resolution mode, new year, new start, new you, how about doing a wee bit of thinking, feeling, reflecting and planning that might set you off on the right foot for the year and even take a load off.

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If you’re in Scotland in January, or fancy a trip to Scotland, head for the gorgeous Findhorn for a face to face planning session in a small group with friend of Fling, Jane Duncan Rogers. Jane is an experienced counsellor and after the loss of her husband Philip, wrote the book Gifted by Grief. She’s running a two-morning workshop to help you to get to grips with life. Either use the free Final Fling Life Planning Tools or work with her to complete her Good Death List… a tool she has developed and is keen to share with Flingers.

The workshop will provide the springboard you need to get on with planning and could really change your life.

Jane says: “I’ve worked for over 25 years around personal growth as a counsellor, psychotherapist and group leader, and ran a complementary health clinic for 3 years. I am an author, coach and speaker, and have helped thousands of people around the world to transform their lives and business. Since Philip’s death in 2011 I also bring my unique insight to those affected by loss of any kind.

“I’m known for my honest and refreshing look at life, which combined with a whole pile of wild wisdom got unleashed as a result of his death and gives me a quirky take on life and death.

“Clients have told me it’s easy for them to open up and feel deeply heard.  This allows the movement forward they are seeking, and sets the context for miracles to happen.”

Jane originally trained in with Louise Hay, founder of Hay House publishers and author of the famous book, You Can Heal Your Life.

She belongs to the Findhorn Foundation Community – a spiritual community, eco-village and learning centre in the Highlands of Scotland.

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Jane says:

Just imagine how great it would feel knowing you have your affairs sorted, have itemised how you want the approach to your death to be, and also the relief in knowing that those left behind are not going to have any hassle tidying up the remains of your life.

“No more need to have this vaguely nagging at the back of your mind, as something you know you need to get around to. Whew!

“If you know you just need support for this kind of thing, then come and join us.

Happy new you indeed.

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