Handing over the Final Fling baton


I’m delighted to have teamed up with a couple of friends in the field to offer Final Flingers a secure alternative for their onward journey.

As users know, I will be closing Final Fling at the end of May. Time for change. No drama.

Final Fling alternatives

Once I’ve Gone and Biscuit Tin are two alternative platforms that have similar offers to Final Fling, with secure digital spaces for end of life planning. [Update 2022: Once I’ve Gone is now Keylu.com who have developed the offer on.]

End of life planning is a friendly, supportive, collaborative field. We all just want the best for folks who are grappling with mortality, reality, fragility… the flavours of impermanence. Ian Dibbs from Once I’ve Gone and Sheila Hogan from Biscuit Tin both immediately picked up the phone to me at Final Fling just to check everything was OK and see how they could help users who want to keep planning.

So I’m passing on the baton, happy in the thought that you’ll all be well looked-after.

This last month, Final Fling users have been retrieving information from the site and now they can safely choose where to transfer it, thanks to our partners.

Once I’ve Gone – exclusive Premium offer

Once I’ve Gone has extended a special welcome offer, exclusively to Final Fling users. See their simple guide to how to transfer the ideas, documents, messages and inspirations stored on Final Fling. (If you’re a Flinger and have missed that offer, with its exclusive promotional code, get in touch with OIG.)

Biscuit Tin welcomes users – free all year

Biscuit Tin is extending their free-all-year offer, introduced during Covid-19 lockdown, to Flingers.

Keep planning! Enjoy!

Time for change

My shift of focus was brought on by the heightened experience I’ve had of life and liberty, agency and choice with the ever-present inevitable – death – hanging like a heavy rain cloud for past couple months.

Rather than focussing my efforts on a web community to promote engagement and planning, I want to be spend more time in another role I have – as a Humanist Celebrant with the charity I founded, A Quiet Revolution. I get such immediate feedback from being able to support people hands-on and face-to-face. I won’t be trying to change the world this time. Just the bit around me.

In future, find me under Only Human – sharing information about my human-centred service design consultancy and the celebrancy work I do.

Please email me if you want to keep in touch. I’d love to keep connected.

Follow me with my Only Human hat on social too: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as that journey begins.

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