Good Funeral Awards 2014

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It’s that time again. The Good Funeral Awards nomination process is underway.

Nominations close 1 August 2014.

Please nominate Final Fling!

Final Fling won the category “Most Outstanding Contribution to Understanding Death” at the first Good Funeral Awards in 2012, also our first year of operation. The Oscars of the funeral industry, the awards generate friendly rivalry and excitement… really, everyone’s just delighted for each other if they win. No fake back-slapping.

Final Fling hopes to be nominated again for Most Outstanding Contribution to Understanding Death to make it 3 years in a row.

In the last year, we’ve had our nose to the grindstone trying to improve how we help end of life planning. With a new improved website just launched for Final Fling’s second birthday, we’d like to put ourselves in the running again for a Good Funeral Award.

To nominate us:

1. Follow this link (no longer active)

2. Nominate Final Fling for Most Outstanding Contribution…. category

You are invited to cite why your nominee should win. Here are some reasons why Final Fling is worthy of an award. You can adapt any of these or add your own:

  • The App:  Final Fling’s App gives people the planning tools to capture wishes for end of life. At no cost, users can records their ideas, wishes and instructions easily. Information is stored securely. It can be kept private or shared with friends. Users can appoint a trusted Keyholder to access the info ‘in the event’. The tools allow users to record funeral wishes, manage a bucket list, store legal paperwork and instructions, post a notice when someone dies, pay tribute to someone who’s died, appoint a Keyholder who can access this info ‘in the event’. No-one else is offering this kind of help – and making it fun and simple to use.
  • The Blog: Final Fling’s massive Blog site continues to provide useful, straight-talking information about death, dying, funerals, bereavement (like a 10 Step Guide to what to do when someone dies and Top 20 Documents your next of kin will need). New in the last year is guest blog bringing expert views and fresh voices. A friendly voice is so welcome at a difficult time.
  • The Marketplace: Final Fling’s Marketplace connects people looking for help with funeral arranging and sorting their affairs. This saves families added stress when they are under pressure trying to make funeral arrangement when they might be feeling vulnerable and the clock’s ticking. Final Fling does the work for consumers – pulling together providers for all sorts of support from grief counselling to coffin makers, death doulas and celebrants. Final Fling provides a funeral plan comparison table, a directory of funeral directors, celebrants and other service providers, set out clear info on the costs of a funeral. What a weight off.
  • Advocate for change: Final Fling talks to the media in a spirited and interesting way about end of life – tackling the taboo. They often talk on behalf of other service providers on the site to represent alternative choices around death, dying and funerals. Articles and features Final Fling takes part in – like the recent Guardian piece on death doulas and the BBC radio interview on death cafes – help the public understand how they can engage positively with preparing for gthe end.  Final Fling also shared the findings of work they did with the bereavement charity Cruse early in 2014, to champion the need for training for professionals in schools to support children and young people facing loss. These are important matters that need addressed.
  • Promoting openness: Final Fling runs Death Cafes so that people can come together and talk about death and dying. They collaborate with others, like founders and national agencies Good Life Good Death Good Grief and Dying Matters to promote UK-wide engagement. Final Fling offers support to individuals and groups wanting to do something in their own area by providing FREE advice, posters and print for public events. They promote others’ training and events FREE in the Events section on the website and share what’s happening in a lively monthly newsletter. For example, Final Fling recently worked with a hospice to get feedback on what language works best for the public around terminal illness.
  • Living Well: Final Fling users get access to a FREE weekly ‘B Positive’ life-enhancing coaching programme to remind us that the most important thing about death is living well. How important.

Charles Cowling is the mastermind behind the Good Funeral Awards. He and Brian Jenner founded the Joy of Death Festival in 2012 and the Good Funeral Awards are now part of an annual weekend long event. Members of the public are welcome at this interesting weekend of events and talks.

See photos from last year’s awards.

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