#Good to Be Alive

Dad falling to earth

Good to Be Alive moment. I call this photo of my Dad: The Man Who Fell to Earth.

 I’m inviting Flingers to share one good reason that it’s Good to Be Alive this week. #GTBA

Final Fling isn’t just about funerals and dying. It’s about the complex stuff we have to deal with while we’re alive. And part of that is actually being able to appreciate life.

I’m very alert to the theme Good to Be Alive because a friend is struggling to connect to that notion. We’re reminding each other daily of the things that really matter… low winter sunlight on calm water, the company of our amazing children, still laughing together – as we have done for decades.

It’s one of the many ironies in life that at any given time there’s a wardful of folk greeting new life and a wardful shaking hands with death. And for all the people who are keenly alert to the ‘good to be alive’ gift of life – sometimes sharpened by diagnosis, illness, loss or just plain old ageing, there’s a mass that can’t quite find their lust for life.

I had thought momentarily about suggesting we did 5 Good Reasons, then revised that down to 3 and eventually decided one was more practicable… busy people and all that. In reality, one day, it didn’t prove possible to even find one good reason and another day it was “managed to cook stuff before it went off and had to be chucked – that’ll do for today!” Real life.

So, if you’re inclined, join me in celebrating why it’s Good to Be Alive. I’m going to post some photos on the theme. I imagine sunshine, friendship, family, love and laughs will emerge as field leaders.

Remember you can capture life’s highlights in your Memory Box on Fling to share with others. It’s a therapeutic process too. I guarantee you’ll feel Good to Be Alive just taking a moment to scan in a picture and think about past times. Sign up for a free Final Fling account here.

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