Get rich or die tryin – 3 top tips for the year ahead


As we set forth on the good ship 2016, if you’re focus is on how to ‘get rich or die tryin’, let us make it easy for you.

And to save you reading on… if you see ‘rich’ and think fame and fortune, you are lost my friend. If you see ‘rich’ and think happiness, joy, fulfilment, you’re on the right track. Keep reading.

Following rich and poor men (yes, the study started that long ago; there are now women involved), the research team has monitored all aspects of their lives… social, physical, emotional, relational, professional.

The guys from poor backgrounds constantly asked – “Why are you monitoring me? My life’s not interesting.” The guys from Harvard never asked why they were being followed. (Now there’s a big statement about our messed up values as a society.)

The SINGLE SECRET to a rich life

Those who have a rich and long life … living into their 80s… turn out to be those who invest in their relationships.

People who were isolated – or simply more isolated than they wanted to be – were less likely to thrive.

People who spent time with a partner, family, friends, with a community, all flourished so much more.

Even couples who bickered were good. Knowing that someone has your back, is there for you, makes life easier… even if they’re a moany nuisance some of the time. (And as we come out of the season of family overload, who doesn’t recognise that.)

3 ways to get rich or die tryin

If you still haven’t resolved your New Year’s Resolutions, let us save you the effort. Go for these 3 if you want to ensure you get rich or die tryin:

  1. Less screen time, more people time
  2. More play time, less work time
  3. Prioritise long walks, date nights, reaching out, making the peace, re-establishing lost connections.

Mark Twain at the end of his long life reflected “so brief is life for bickerings, apologies, heart burnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving. In but an instant so to speak for that. The good life is built with good relationships.” Always worth listening to words of wisdom from those further ahead on the journey.

Find out more about What Makes a Good Life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness from Robert Waldinger on TED Talks.

And a Harvard study of women and relationships has revealed how life enhancing friendships are and again, those who don’t have these close, nurturing relationships suffer a negative impact too. Hear Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda – good friends – talk about sisterhood here, another TED Talk. Good to hear their views on democracy, feminism, wellbeing and even Aristotle. That’s the sort of chat I love with my women friends and keeps me alive and happy.

Make yourself some promises. Add one to your Bucketlist now. Find out what others mostly want in life in the Bucketlist top 5 aspirations.

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