Funeral Wishes – November offer

Final Fling Funeral Wishes

Final Fling Funeral Wishes

One of the Life Planning Tools on Final Fling is for Funeral Wishes.

If you know what the rules and options are for organising a funeral, that might be relatively easy for you to think through.

If you’re less clear on the rules or confused about what you want, deciding what to put in your Funeral Wishes could be harder.

Funeral Wishes – November offer

During November, Kate Hill, a member of Final Fling’s Marketplace – is offering FREE funeral wishes planning sessions. Kate is an interfaith minister and celebrant.

Kate creates personalised funerals and memorial services that honour and celebrate a life.

“This is an opportunity to have a conversation around the arrangements you would like to make for after you die,” said Kate. “It can be hard and awkward to have this conversation with family and friends as it can feel a bit taboo to even talk about this time.”

Throughout November Kate is offering a chance to talk funeral wishes… to think and firm up plans so these can be captured and shared.

“Getting clear about burial or cremation, what type of funeral service, readings, music and what sort of reception you’d like afterwards and having that all written down is such a relief for family members at the time. They can simply follow your funeral wishes and know that they are honouring you and what you would like. Not being clear about this area can cause a lot of pain and even disagreements at a difficult time. Getting your funeral wishes done can bring peace of mind for now and later.”

Kate is offering FREE funeral wishes sessions by Skype or in person if you’re London based.

Contact Kate by email –  or leave a message on 020 8985 9175 and she will get back to you.

HOW TO: set up a free account on Final Fling to start storing and sharing your Funeral Wishes.  Update your wishes free as your thoughts change.

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