Funeral stationery

Funerals tend to happen quickly – it can be done and dusted before you have time to think about whether you want custom-made or handprinted stationery as a keepsake.

There are printers geared up for the fast turnaround of orders of service who will have several styles ‘on the stocks’ to guide you think through how to put it together.

The funeral directors too will  help customise funeral announcements for a local newspaper or prepare an order of service for the crematorium or church.

Often there isn’t time for printed invitations to a funeral, but there’s usually time for a memorial or other life celebration event.

You might find it’s therapeutic to have a bit of a craft session in the days between a death and a funeral to do something constructive and creative and take your mind off. See ideas for creating cards, bunting, flags.

Funeral Directors can often handle this as part of the service.

See our Marketplace for suppliers.

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