Funeral plans

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A funeral plan is one way of saving up for a funeral

It can help reduce the burden on family at the time of death.

Half a million of us will die in the UK this year. Most of us without any provision for paying for our funeral. That can be a worry if money’s tight.

What funerals cost

The average funeral costs around £7,000 according to Sun Life’s annual survey.

We think there are better ways of organising a funeral to save all that money.

And we provide a funeral plan to save you money.

What a prepaid funeral plan covers

There are several kinds of funeral plan out there. We’ve whittled it down to our favourite 3 and partnered with Open Pre-paid Funerals to bring you a range of funeral plans we think suits Final Fling users best.

What a funeral plan covers

Generally, the funeral director will liaise with the crematorium or burial ground, book a celebrant to oversee the service, pay doctors fees for certificates, and settle cremation or burial fees on your behalf.

The difference in pricing between plans broadly relates to whether you have a service, whether you want a hearse, the type of coffin. These things have changed as notions of status have changed and concerns for the environment have grown.

Traditional funeral directors offer embalming and other invasive services. More contemporary funeral directors tend not to. More expensive plans offer things like an Order of Service or to list floral tributes that were sent to the service and sometimes provide thank you cards. Now that many of us have our own printers or easy access to one, families like to do these bits for themselves.

Costs NOT covered in a funeral plan

The plan will contribute to but not necessarily cover all costs. What will not be covered includes:

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Remember, you don’t have to have a funeral at all.  See funeral rules and options.

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