Funeral plan comparison

Jacq-MemorialButterfliesIf you are browsing online to compare options, don’t hesitate to contact the funeral plan providers direct to talk through the options. Don’t feel embarrassed to shop around. Most of us will compare the price of tea and coffee before we buy. It’s only sensible to compare costs for a funeral: something that matters this much and can cost thousands of pounds.

See 3 funeral plans to find one that suits you best.

We’ve partnered with Open Prepaid to match plans to the sort of desires and needs we understand Final Flingers want. Nothing crazy. Just choices that can be simple, meaningful, appropriate, traditional, beautiful. Each plan affords professional help where you need it. And each offers you the ability to choose and add elements.

Traditional funeral plans usually differentiate between one level and another in cost on the basis of these things:

Plan provider Plan Cost View the body Coffin quality Distance for collection
of body
Company A Standard  £3,500 no basic 15 miles hearse
Company A Select  £4,000 9-5 better 20 miles hearse + limo
Company A Premier  £4,500 flexible best 50 miles hearse + 2 limos


A funeral plan usually only covers some of the costs – like a coffin and hearse, making arrangements and caring for the body. The funeral director usually pays others’ fees on your behalf that you will have to pay back: doctors’ fees for cremation authorisation, gravediggers, minister or Humanist/celebrant for the funeral service. Plans sometimes but not always include a contribution to these fees called ‘disbursements‘.

Find out about other ways of paying for a funeral.

Which is always a reliable source of information.