Final Fling fortune teller

Fortune TellerIf you’re organising an event to encourage end of life planning, use Final Fling’s unique Fortune Teller to get conversation going.

Final Fling’s version of the fortune teller has its tongue firmly in its cheek when we pragmatically remind anyone toying with this plaything that ultimately, we know exactly what will happen in life and can confidently predict with 100% accuracy. We all die!

Using the fortune teller

Next time you host a Final Fling style event (eg for Dying Matters Awareness Week, #YODO), print out the fortune tellers (double-sided; trim A4 paper to fit the printed square). Pass round copies of the ‘puzzle’ to your group. Ask them to work out what it is. They can chat in pairs or small groups. Ideal for an ice-breaker or over a cuppa. There’s just the right amount of momentary puzzle in it and the promise that someone will get it. Use the opportunity to award a daft prize just for fun for first to guess right.

The point of the fortune teller

Ultimately, our fortune teller reminds us of our mortality and prompts users to think ahead and make plans rather than leave the burden to others. We point users to Final Fling’s Life Planning Tools and encourage them to use our Safe Deposit Box, Funeral Wishes and Memory Box to get sorted.



2 thoughts on “Final Fling fortune teller

  1. What a wondeful idea. Is it possible to download a copy of the fortune teller to print please?
    I have not been able to find where to do this on your website.

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